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Linda Perry was the founding Executive Director of Assist Crisis Pregnancy Center from 1990 - 2009, in Annandale, Virginia. She has been active in the Pro-Life movement since 1970 when she studied with Dr. Frances Schaffer at L'Abri, Switzerland. She was New Mexico State President of Right to Life and a delegate to the National Right to Life Committee. She has spoken on pro-life issues in more than 25 states. As a teacher, she has educated in Christian and public schools ranging from kindergarten to the University of Washington and the State University of New York at Stonybrook. She has done extensive writing and editing of pro-life publications. She was Vice President of Education for Ramah International, and taught their Advanced Track for post-abortion counselor training. Formerly, she served as Director of Education and Research at the Christian Action Council. She is the wife of Dr. Dennis Perry and the mother of two married daughters, Elizabeth and Lynellen.

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